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Your house is more than just a place to sleep at night. It is a comfortable oasis to return to at the end of the day. It is a space to entertain friends and to celebrate or relax. Your home is a safe haven for the people you care about.

Custom outdoor lighting design by Burkett will help you see your home in a whole new light. Our landscape lighting packages enhance the curb appeal by highlighting the architectural features that make your home unique. Custom exterior designed lighting can help keep your loved ones safe from intruders and eliminate dark shadow areas where someone can hide. We can also turn a bland backyard into a tranquil oasis perfect for outdoor entertainment.

Your home deserves the best. Let Burkett Outdoor Lighting help you achieve that.

The Process

Outdoor lighting is not just illumination; it creates illusions that can make objects or spaces seem larger, smaller, or more intimate than the daylight. It has a transformative effect on your home, no matter the size. Well-designed lighting projects will influence your mood and emotion.

Quality design requires a proper understanding of lighting techniques, access to quality products not offered by big-box home improvement stores, and the knowledge and know-how to install them safely. That’s where Burkett Outdoor Lighting comes in.

We are an authorized AMP Lighting contractor and install unique high-quality LED products with the best warranties available.

  • Architectural & Curb Appeal Lighting
  • Landscape & Garden Lighting
  • Outdoor Living Space Lighting
  • Pathway Lighting
  • Pool & Fountain Lighting
  • Patio Lighting
Lighting Fixtures
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LED lights have come a long way over the years. Within the past few years, they have become the number one choice for upscale exterior lighting. The biggest reason is less maintenance and upkeep. Previously, with traditional incandescent or halogen landscape lighting, every bulb that burned out would add an additional burden to the other bulbs in the system. This would shorten the system’s overall lifespan and create unsightly holes and bare spots in your lightscape. Additionally, the energy needs can cause halogen bulbs to throw out more heat, creating a safety risk to your property.

When we install LED landscape and architectural lighting, individual bulbs have a much longer lifespan, reducing maintenance needs which will keep your lighting looking great for a longer period of time. Lastly, the gains in energy efficiency with LED bulbs mean that you can run the exact same lighting design for a fraction of the cost – often 75% to 90% less than a halogen system.

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