Book Your Complimentary Night Lighting Demo with Burkett Outdoor Lighting! We want to share the beauty that night lighting can create for your home or business. It is an easy process for us to show you LIVE and in-person how our accent lights can enhance your property. Let us know if we can give you a view of the potential your property holds.
Our free nighttime lighting demo is a no-pressure, no-commitment way to see your home in a new light.
Night Lighting Demo Process:
1.) Concepts:
Our complimentary night lighting demo process starts with conceptual ideas and discussing your vision for your property. We will take the time to listen to you and discuss your concerns regarding safety, security, curb appeal, and focus areas. It is often good for us to start this process just before dusk so we can see what your project looks like both during the day and as it gets dark. We will interpret your vision and offer our expert design advice to achieve a design that is practical and appropriate.
2.) Demonstration:
Our Outdoor Lighting design specialist will then establishes a temporary lightscape based on the vision discussed. It will be noninvasive, using battery-powered LED lights that will illuminate your home and landscape so you can truly see the potential your property holds and the difference night lighting can make. You will get a feel for how professional outdoor lighting will transform the look of your home.
3.) Design & Estimate:
After you are satisfied with the on-site demonstration. Our team will take the appropriate measurements, and photographs, and collect any other data needed so that we can prepare your lighting design. We will provide a detailed estimate and walk through the installation process.
4.) Your home comes to light!
As outlined in your estimate, our crew will complete your lighting project in a minimally invasive process that will provide a whole new dimension to your property. Upon completion of the installation, we will walk you through the system and show you how to property care for and adjust, as well as discuss or ongoing maintenance options.

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