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Elliott and Shelby Burkett

Meet Elliott & Shelby Burkett

Owners of Burkett Outdoor Lighting

We started Burkett Outdoor Lighting after we saw the benefits that it brought to our own home. We knew we could help clients create a well-lit home that looks great, increases curb appeal, and keep them safe during nighttime hours. We are a locally owned family business serving central Indiana which means that you will work directly with us. We specialize in custom-designed lighting and installation packages for both residential and commercial properties using the latest technology in LED landscape lighting.

Our goal is to see your home and business beautifully illuminated and to build a long-term relationship with our clients. Whatever your need is, our goal is to make your project a pleasant and rewarding experience.

What are you waiting for give us a call or book an appointment for a no-risk-free onsite nighttime demonstration!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to serve our customers the best way we can every time by providing the best product, design, and installation that encourages them to be so satisfied, that they recommend us to others.

Expand Your Outdoor Space

Enjoy your outdoor areas by illuminating your spaces with custom-designed outdoor lighting to extend your time outdoors. It can literally transform your outdoor living spaces into the extra ‘room’ for you and your family to enjoy for three seasons and can provide a wonderful view from inside during the winter months.

Curb Appeal + Increase Property Value

A well-lit home also significantly increases your home's curb appeal and increases your property value!

Enhanced Safety + Security

By using outdoor lighting, you can keep your guests and family safe.  It provides light to walkways and turf areas to help avoid trips and falls while enjoying your property at night. Our landscaping lighting will also serve as a much-needed security deterrent to unwanted visitors and criminals when you’re at home and away.

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